The Gilchrist & Soames name is echoed throughout the finest luxury hotels around the world. In fact, it is to such a degree you could say the sun never sets on our customers. Our fine toiletries, property-wide solutions and emphasis on exacting customer service can be found throughout Europe, Australia, the Far East and the New World.


What gives us such sweeping global reach is the supreme value placed on personal attentiveness to every one of our customers. Impeccable attention is given to every detail, and concierge levels of service given to each account, by a dedicated customer care representative assigned to your business.


Whether your joy is found in lavish surroundings or in the simple purity of a twisting rose garden, we cater to your unique sensibilities. We strive to meet your every need, serving as a pleasant partner sharing a passion for luxury and service.


Safeguarding our delicate ecology is deeply rooted in Gilchrist & Soames’ business philosophy. From reducing our carbon footprint to analysing our ingredients’ impact on soil and water to creating more skin-friendly formulations and embracing more recyclable and less wasteful packaging, we vow to talk the talk and walk gently. And, naturally, we are committed to cruelty-free development so our products are never tested on animals.


The Gilchrist & Soames name is echoed throughout the finest hotels and resorts around the world. Our partners represent the highest echelon of luxury and service, qualities that we admire and mirror as we strive to meet their every need.

We cater to unique sensibilities as demonstrated by the broad range of properties we serve. What they share in common is uncompromising attention to every detail of the guest experience, reflected in the choice of Gilchrist & Soames as their purveyor of fine English toiletries.


Energize your guest rooms with the Essentiel Elements® BATHE collection. BATHE evokes a modern apothecary, while providing graphic punch and a dynamic color palette. And, that’s all before your guests even open the bottle. We collaborated with master perfumers to capture the collection’s distinctive spirit and essence.


The Gilchrist & Soames Reserve™ Collection heralds a new generation of luxury and style, while paying tribute to the time-honoured tradition of fine English toiletries. Innovative ingredients of at least 95% natural origin are expertly blended with high-performance botanical extracts to nourish and pamper.

Bee Kind Collection

With honey and certified organic extracts of red clover, calendula, lemongrass and chamomile, BeeKind is as soothing as it is stylish. A portion of the net profits of this product supports honey bee and sustainable pollination research.

Spa Therapy

Water, the essence of life; cleansing, moisturising, purifying. Immerse yourself in the purities of Spa Therapy™. Infused with marine extracts of Japanese sea kelp, sea fennel, sea lettuce, sea salts and aloe vera, your guests will turn their bathrooms into personal spas.


Refresh your senses with the rich, warm, natural palette of the Mediterranean and capture the serenity and harmony of the region’s magical countryside.

London Collection

Sophistication and style are now encapsulated in a complete package of understated elegance; crisp, clean and tailored to fit the needs of today’s genteel traveller.

English Spa Collection

The English Spa™ Collection encapsulates our London heritage, infusing refinement and purity in an immaculate blend of English botanicals used at the turn of the century. Natural oatmeal, aloe, lemongrass and sea kelp invoke remedies that are both classic and timeless.

Essentiel Ellements

Indulge your guests with a luxurious, invigorating bathing experience. The Essentiel Elements Spa Treatment Collection features a unique fragrance blend of rosemary and mint that stimulates the body, mind and spirit leaving guests refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Branded Collections

Branded Collections embrace the authenticity and uniqueness of their creators to the most luxurious amenities for an unforgettable experience…

Stem Collection

Featuring a clean design and product formulation, the Stem Collection delivers powerful nutrients to hair, skin and body, leaving guests feeling relaxed, refreshed and connected to their environment, their community and their better selves...

Royal Collection

The Gilchrist & Soames Royal Collection brings elegance and beauty to the bathroom, elevating the feel of any space to one of pure decadence and luxury. This timeless collection pays tribute to the British heritage of Gilchrist & Soames while also ushering in a fresh new era in luxury amenities…


After a day of exploration and adventure in the sunshine treat guests to the Gilchrist & Soames Shade Collection featuring the soulful, stylish fragrance of white spice.