Environmental Stewardship

Hoteliers have been experiencing an increasing need to appeal to environmentally conscious guests. The challenge in doing so stems from trying to strike a balance between making eco-friendly decisions like conserving water and energy and reducing waste while still maintaining the highest quality of service and best guest experience possible. Fortunately, Gilchrist & Soames can help you find that balance.

When you choose to partner with Gilchrist & Soames, you can rest assured you are working with a company who is deeply committed to protecting our global environment.

From environmentally friendly formulations, to highly-recyclable packaging, to “green” manufacturing processes, to partnering with environmentally conscious companies who comply with stringent government regulations and conduct environmentally-friendly business practices, Gilchrist & Soames can help you reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining the highest levels of excellence.

“Responsible Luxury” isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s our living, breathing mission to create environmentally friendly products that we can all feel good about.

In 2008, as part of our sustainability strategy, we undertook three key research initiatives:

  • Carbon emissions. We worked with ICF International on our initial endeavour to estimate our total carbon footprint and develop a strategy to reduce our total Greenhouse Gas emissions. Our goal is to become carbon neutral through operational initiatives and the purchase of verified carbon offset credits that support meaningful emission reduction projects globally.
  • Formulations. In conjunction with Purdue University, we evaluated the impact of our ingredients on soil and water to ensure our high-quality products have the lowest possible environmental impact.
  • Plastics Recycling. We commissioned a plastics recycling expert to help us, and our clients, better understand recycling opportunities and challenges in the hospitality industry.

We vow to talk the talk and walk gently.

Talking the Talk & Walking Gently

Protecting the environment and the people that use our products is of supreme importance to Gilchrist & Soames. We pursue eco-friendly practices in all aspects of product creation, from ingredients and packaging to sourcing and manufacture.

Step by step, it all adds up to a green today and an even greener tomorrow.

What We Use & What We Don't

"Responsible Luxury" is our living, breathing mission to create environmentally friendly products that we can all feel good about.

All Gilchrist & Soames collections feature one of our proprietary formulations:

Signature™.  The Gilchrist & Soames Signature Formulations contain no parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol. They do feature food-grade, naturally derived USP glycerin, natural conditioning agents from honey and the Brassica plant; and soybean and cottonseed oil, instead of petrochemicals.

Naturally Kind™. With Gilchrist & Soames Naturally Kind Formulations, all of the virtues of our Signature Formulations are combined with another layer of skin- and earth-friendliness. They are free of all sulfates (SLS/SLES).

Gilchrist & Soames also employs an advanced traceability system that allows us to document all ingredients and ensure quality and safety through the entire supply chain.

Cruelty-Free Development

We are committed to cruelty-free development and manufacturing. We pledge to never test our products on animals.

Making Smarter Choices & Creating Greener Products

Gilchrist & Soames, in most every situation, chooses the lowest possible resin weights of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or HDPE (high density polyethylene), the most readily recyclable options available today. Our commitment to newer and more environmentally friendly packaging has never been stronger. Through industrial design exploration and materials research, we are on the leading edge in the development of alternative packaging.

We are also actively engaged in recycling efforts to lessen our impact on the environment. Our bottle labels are completely compatible with recyclable grind applications and label waste is properly disposed of by maintaining compliance to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. All waste papers and boards are bundled and recycled to be re-sold to recycling facilities.

As a member of Green Dot, we are aligned with an organization that promotes efficient and environmentally sound recycling and waste management solutions in North America and Europe.

Our Growing Commitment & Shrinking Footprint

We realize our business has an impact on the environment and we're fully committed to understanding those implications and being transparent in our findings, objectives and achievements.

As part of our corporate commitment to environmental sustainability, Gilchrist & Soames measured the direct and indirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of our operations and products. This established a baseline with which to measure future efforts to reduce our company's carbon footprint.

We're confident we will greatly reduce our total GHG emissions with the future goal of becoming carbon-neutral through thoughtful initiatives and the purchase of carbon offset credits that support meaningful emission reduction projects globally.

We invite all of our customers to learn more and join us on the road for a greener future.

Our Vision - Cover  

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